Weekly roundup – Toldot

Ethiopian Jewish women celebrating Sigd.

This week was Sigd, the Ethiopian Jewish holiday celebrating the covenant of the Jewish people. Keshet published a range of resources on Sigd – go check them out!

On Alma, Tori Avila argues for the importance Sephardic Jewish Latina representation, which is completely absent from popular culture and public life:

As I grew older, it became harder and harder to find my true self: I started feeling — how can I say? — less Jewish, simply because I did not look like my other Jewish friends and classmates. I couldn’t see myself as Latina, simply because I didn’t fit the “dark skin, big boobs, and sexy as hell” stereotype the media had created.

Also on Alma, Maya Siegel writes of her journey to embrace her Asian-American Jewish identity:

For me, I feel that, now more than ever, it is my responsibility to stand by my Jewish community. I thought it was enough to just sit silently back in support, but it isn’t anymore.

The New York Jewish Week oublished a story about women who are about to celebrate the completion of the 7.5 year daily Talmud learning known as Daf Yomi. It features Rebbetzin Michelle Farber, a Talmud scholar who teaches a Daf Yomi class for women in Tel Aviv and also produces the Daf Yomi 4 Women podcast.

Rabbi Rachel Barenblat reflected on the lessons she has taken from Rebecca and this week’s parasha, Toldot:

All of us who seek to build the Jewish future do so on the foundations laid by previous generations. It’s on us to honor the foundations they placed, even as we open ourselves like Rivka to surprises — and embrace new interpretations, spiritual technologies, and ideas that our forebears couldn’t have imagined.

Shavua tov.

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