Weekly roundup – Vayishlach

Dr Gerty Theresa Radnitz Cori

This week saw the murder of six people at a Kosher supermarket in Jersey City, USA. May their memories be a blessing.

On Alma Sarah Beth Berman described the experience of her husband, who was placed on lockdown during the incident.

Chochmat Nashim posted a series of videos on the erasure of women from the Israeli public sphere – especially in Haredi communities. In the first video, activist Fainy Sukenik argues that increasing erasure of women has impacted their ability to advocate for themselves

Things that weren’t acceptable in the past are acceptable today. Women’s names aren’t being used. Female characters aren’t used in illustrations…when they are supposed to speak to receive the rights they are entitled to according to Judaism and according to Halacha, they don’t know how to do it.

Alma features a profile of Israeli actress Maya Eshet, in which she discusses how she uses film to address mental illness and social injustices:

Every person has a really rich emotional life, I believe, and so most of us can dig somewhere and find that depth. We all felt pain. We were all upset at one point or another and it’s really just about realizing that.

72 years ago this week Dr Gerty Theresa Radnitz Cori became both the first Jewish woman and the first American woman to win a Nobel Prize in science. Read more about her at the Jewish Women’s Archive.

The Jerusalem Post published a feature on artist Judith Margolis’ new book Life Support: Invitation to Prayer. The book features drawings and writings produced during the end of her mother’s life.

Shavua tov.

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